This two-day virtual event, comprised of Keynote and Panel Sessions, will include the following sub-themes:

Using Results to Manage: Integrating the Key Elements

An objective of the 2016 Policy on Results is to improve the achievement of results across government. The focus on results is an integrating principle of management in all departments and agencies. How well are they managing for results? How can they improve?

Topics/presentations include:

  • Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat Update (featuring senior officials)
  • Practical Ways of Putting Results-Based Management into Practice
  • Is There a Need for a Results-Based Management Profession?

Diversity, Mental Wellness and Inclusion: The Challenges of Planning, Measuring and Demonstrating Impacts.

Diversity, mental wellness and inclusion are being talked about more and more and are now being integrated into policies and program development, but what does it mean for measurement and demonstrating impacts?

Topics/presentations include:

  • How to Measure Mental Health and Wellness in a Consistent Way
  • Mental Wellness During the Pandemic
  • Stocktaking on Gender-Based Analysis+ and Diversity: How Do We Plan For and Measure Diversity and Inclusion With the Intent of Demonstrating Results?
  • What Does Resilience Mean and How Do You Measure It?

Wellness Activities Are Also Planned

Symposium Registration Fees

Symposium Only Fee $450.00
Retired Fee – Symposium Only $200.00
Student Fee – Symposium Only $150.00