2012cover_E2012 Sixteenth Annual PPX Symposium

May 29 – 31, 2012
Hampton Inn & Conference Centre
Ottawa, ON

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Invitation to Attend the 2012 PPX Symposium

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Performance and Planning Exchange (PPX), I want to invite you to attend the Sixteenth Annual PPX Symposium: From a Compliance Mindset to a Performance Culture.

The up-coming symposium will build on past success and introduce new innovations.  Again this year, PPX is inviting its members and stakeholders to submit ideas and topics for workshops related to four streams:

1.) Results-Based Strategic Planning
2.) Risk Management
3.) Integration of Planning, Risk, Reporting and Program Evaluation
4.) Use of RBM in Decision Making

More evidence-based information is now available to decision makers. Professionals engaged in strategic planning, external and internal audit, risk assessment, performance management and program evaluation have made, and continue to make, significant progress in providing reliable, fact-based information.

Over the last five years, increased resources have been dedicated to reporting on a number of fronts: reporting on planned activities, reporting on projects, reporting on risk mitigating measures, reporting on the use of financial and human resources, reporting on performance indicators, etc.  Reporting on these various facets of management is very important. However, these exercises are done mostly because of imposed reporting requirements with very short deadlines.  The reporting of these activities is done in silos and is not conducted in a holistic way.  Furthermore, the use of these various reporting activities is not used collectively to make informed, results-based decisions. A culture of performance in any organization would account for all of these reporting “pieces” and use them collectively to do strategic planning, set priorities and make program/organizational decisions based on the performance of the various facets of management (plan/program management, risk management, project management and resource management).

There are many benefits in driving a “performance culture” across an organization. Firstly, performance management is the foundation for Results-Based Management and decision-making. Performance information provides all managers the ability to “manage by fact”. Secondly, an increased focus on performance helps align organizational thinking, processes and resources around achieving shared goals and objectives. Finally, all managers can speak the same language and as a result, have more effective exchanges of performance requirements and information.

Presentation submissions are being accepted until November 15, 2011. Our symposium planning committee will review these submissions and select the most topical and relevant.  I encourage you to think about the your own and your colleagues’ experiences and make proposals that will be of benefit to the wider community of practice.   We are also seeking to expand our trade show and increase opportunities for networking and discussion based on participants’ feedback from our last symposium.

The next Symposium will, I believe, be an exciting blend of vision, leading edge thinking, information essential to your work, lessons learned, best practices and practical applications.  I hope to see you in May as we take to the opportunity again to engage, share and exchange with others who are facing similar challenges in using results information to manage.

Yours truly

Tom Wileman
Chair, PPX Symposium Planning Committee

Theme: From a Compliance Mindset to a Performance Culture


Results-Based Strategic Planning

Risk Management

Integration of Planning, Risk, Reporting and Program Evaluation

Use of RBM in Decision Making

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Registration Fees

Registration Prior to April 1, 2012 – $890.00 + HST
Registration on or after April 1, 2012 – $990.00 + HST

Pre-Symposium Training: RBM 101 :
Registration Prior to April 1, 2012 – $400.00 + HST
Registration on or after April 1, 2012 – $400.00 + HST

Symposium and Pre-Symposium Training: RBM 101 :
Registration Prior to April 1, 2012 – $1190.00 + HST
Registration on or after April 1, 2012 – $1290.00 + HST
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receive a 10% discount! **Completed registrations must be faxed at the same time
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BMB – Landmark is a strategic alliance that brings together two of the leading public-sector organizational and program results-based management (RBM) implementation consulting firms in Canada. BMB Consulting Services Inc. helps public sector organizations “operationalize” RBM using an integrated management approach. Landmark Decisions Inc. assists clients in designing world-class Performance Alignment solutions focused on process/activity-based cost management and/or dashboards/scorecarding and other results-based management concepts.







What is PPX?
The Performance and Planning Exchange (PPX) is a non-profit Canada-based
international centre of excellence for learning, sharing and developing expertise
in performance and planning – including its measurement, implementation,
public reporting and management.

Partnership Opportunities

• Position your business as an Industry leader, aligned with a well respected association
• Network with a hard-to-reach audience on an intimate level
• Gain insights into new trends in performance-based management
• Flexible plans created to provide custom solutions for your needs
• Partner with an associate business and split the investment costs (and benefits)!

The PPX Symposium
The PPX Symposium is the leading forum for Performance and Planning
professionals in Canada. Attendees include the top purchasers of consulting
services for many of Canada’s Public and Private Sector organizations. Now in
its 15th year, the PPX Symposium provides delegates with leading-edge
thinking, discussion of “hot” issues, the latest in government initiatives and
best practices. The program is designed to provide them with a learning
experience that will increase their knowledgebase and provide experience based
paths for them to follow to strengthen their skills and improve results.

Who Attends the PPX Symposium?
With a membership of 2500, the PPX community consists of public servants
from all levels of government, consultants, practitioners, academics, NGOs
and students who all share an interest in performance-based management.
Each year, over 200 members from a wide variety of disciplines are on hand
to network and actively engage in the two-day event.



All questions regarding this solicitation of interest should be submitted to anne.stacey@thewillowgroup.com.

Thank you for your interest in PPX and the community that we serve.